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Test Films and Charts

New ChromaMatch Selfie will help you make your Selfies look their best from Skin Tones to Color and white balance.  12 colors-4 SkinTones-6 high saturation colors and 5 step Grayscale
Photographic (Optical) Sound Test Films (35mm 200 ft.)
Photographic (Optical) Sound Test Films (35mm, 50 ft.)
White balancing cameras to a scene's primary light source is one of the keys to color reproduction excellence - use CamWhite charts to white balance with precision.
SMPTE CamBook 3 is a precision tool designed to help optimize image quality in: Engineering Align and set up cameras to REC 709 Compare/match camera makes, models Test lenses for colorimetry and resolution Production Select the best camera for the job Use as an on-the-set reference Color correct