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Test Films and Charts

New ChromaMatch Selfie will help you make your Selfies look their best from Skin Tones to Color and white balance.  12 colors-4 SkinTones-6 high saturation colors and 5 step Grayscale
Photographic (Optical) Sound Test Films (35mm 200 ft.)
Photographic (Optical) Sound Test Films (35mm, 50 ft.)
White balancing cameras to a scene's primary light source is one of the keys to color reproduction excellence - use CamWhite charts to white balance with precision.
The DSC Labs OneShot chart is designed to capture as much camera and scene lighting information in one shot as possible so that dailies look as close to the DP's intent as possible.
SMPTE CamBook 3 is a precision tool designed to help optimize image quality in: Engineering Align and set up cameras to REC 709 Compare/match camera makes, models Test lenses for colorimetry and resolution Production Select the best camera for the job Use as an on-the-set reference Color correct