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SMPTE CamWhite Pocket Chart

White balancing cameras to a scene's primary light source is one of the keys to color reproduction excellence - use CamWhite charts to white balance with precision.
Versatile tools in video production, CamWhites help improve the production value of your images, saving time and money in post.

CamWhite Features and Benefits:

  • Consistent and reliable neutral white reference
  • Pocket model 6.3x3.75", larger formats also available
  • All DSC charts are DSC manufactured and calibrated, in North America, using unique patented processes
  • Sturdy and easy care - laminated surface
  • CamWhites make the most of your HD/SD camera alignment - improve reproduction of flesh tones and de-saturated colors
  • Save time and money in post - expedite and facilitate color correction/video sweetening
  • Any place, any time - ideal in the shop, studio or truck
  • Lanyard included
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