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Digital Leader

The SMPTE D-Cinema Digital Leader and Digital Projection Verifier are both derived from SMPTE RP428-6:2009. Both contain 8‑second leader sequences; the Digital Leader package also includes a 4‑second “foot leader” that may be used if required. Both products include sequences for aspect ratios of 1.85:1, 1.896:1 (maximum projection extent), and 2.39:1 at both 2k and 4k resolutions. The sequences are provided at 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, and 60 fps, and in flat (2D) and stereo (3D) versions where applicable.

Each product includes all versions currently defined in SMPTE Standards. The RP428-6 sequences include traditional countdown numerals in front of a “clock arm” that rotates with the position incremented on each frame. The background image contains a large number of elements to aid in verifying projection performance and alignment. These elements include center and crop markers, focus stars, gradients for detecting con-touring, gamma check, black and white references, precision color patches (saturated and desaturated), human faces for flesh tones, and left-right indicators for stereo (3D) imagery. Audio “pops” are included to assist in verifying picture-sound synchronization. The sequences are not intended to permit or replace a full alignment or calibration procedure for projectors, but provide content for focus and framing adjustment, and a confidence check for many aspects of projector performance. Both products are licensed for a 3-year renewable term.

The Digital Leader product is primarily intended for post production facilities, to permit the addition of leaders and/or “foot leaders” to DCDM reels intended for conversion to encrypted DCPs. The product delivery includes numbered sets of TIFF and WAV files for each of the standardized variants. The material is delivered on hard drive, and licensed to a single location. The license requires that this content be treated and protected as other unencrypted copyright material. The license does not limit the number of uses of the leader provided that each use becomes part of the content of an encrypted DCP. Use of the SMPTE material to produce a stand-alone DCP, or to produce any unencrypted DCP is prohibited. The Digital Leader product distribution also includes the DPROVE encrypted DCPs and keys for all projectors for the licensed location.

Please note: We must receive your completed and signed order form and license agreement before shipping your order. You can download this form from the SMPTE Website at: DPROVE Order Form. After you’ve completed the form please fax back to +1 (914) 761-3115 or email a scanned copy to

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