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Associate - renewals only!

Associate membership is a great way of connecting if you only wish to attend local meetings, or access some of our online benefits.  We will be phasing out the Associate level in 2021.

Associate membership benefits include:

  • Connection with your local Section
  • Access to SMPTE Webcasts, both live and recorded
  • Easy access to SMPTE’s social media connections on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In
  • Subscription to monthly e-newsletters:  SMPTE Monthly and Newswatch
  • Exclusive access to the Online Members Only Area, including the SMPTE Member Directory
  • Members discounts on many SMPTE products, including Journal articles, virtual courses, conferences and events!
  • For a full list of benefits available to professionals in the United States, click here.

Why wait?  Renew now!